Trade Promotion between The Netherlands and the MENA Region

The Netherlands-Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Business Council (“NMBC” – established in 1948) is an independent and unique business Council in the Netherlands with focus on the promotion of economic relations between the Netherlands and the MENA region. The core business of the Council is to promote business opportunities within the MENA region for Dutch companies and to provide information and assist Dutch SMEs in finding and connecting with the relevant (local) networks. To this end, the Council has organized hundreds of events during the past years with a focus on a certain country or sector both in the Netherlands as well as in the region.

The NL-MENABC is able to provide this support in the region due to the strong networks and regional experience of its board members, the close links it has with the Netherlands Embassies in the region as well as the MENA Embassies in The Netherlands and due to the Joint Business Councils it has established in most countries of the region together with either the (national) Chamber of Commerce or Business Association. 

The Council is affiliated with VNO-NCW and is managed day to day by Ms. Marian Reijnen and is governed by an independent board consisting of representatives of medium sized to large internationally operating Dutch companies that are active in the MENA region. In addition, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Cultural Affairs all have an observer on the board. The professional expertise and the network of the board members are an important source of information and knowledge. Although the Council officially has no “advocacy” role, they are often consulted for advice by the private and public sectors from both regions. 

The NMBC has an elaborate track record in respect to organizing trade missions, network events, trade dinners, B2B and matchmaking sessions and seminars. In addition, the Council has one of the most up-to-date national databases consisting of Dutch companies that are active or interested in the MENA region.